Self-finished bituminous felt made from a carefully selected tough grade of saturated hessian and impregnated with a weather resistant bituminous material. The coating makes the felt rot proof and suitable to use on any surface to render it fully waterproofed. The surface of the felt is dusted with Mica flakes of the right specification to ensure non-sticking and longevity during storage. The felt is wound on cores to facilitate handling. The entire manufacturing process is controlled by strict quality control standards at each stage to ensure that the jute based product is rot proof, fire resistant.


  • It is ideally suited for all general waterproofing purpose like roofs of factories, residence, warehouses, commercial offices, shopping complexes, cinema house etc.
  • Suitable for all types of roofs - concrete, asbestos, cement sheets, corrugated iron sheets, wooden decking, false ceiling tops, under Mangalore tiles, etc. virtually on all firm surfaces.