AICL is involved in a well-diversified range of activities like:

Manufacturing and Trading of Bituminous Products

We are leading manufacturers and traders of Bituminous products and our logistic business ( transportation of Bitumen & LPG ) has been instrumental in venturing into this segment. Due to our professionalism, we have very healthy and long term relations with major road contractors in India and thus it become extremely easy for us to sell our products to them which we transported them under our logistics segment. We have expertise in Bituminous products and have established state of the art factory at Belgaum and Hyderabad. All our units are well equipped with modern laboratories. We manufacture and market quality products like Paving grade Bitumen. Industrial Grade Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions, Modified Bitumen, Bitu Coat, Bitumen Paints, Bitumen Insulation material etc which are known for their quality and standard.

To further enlarge our operations and to meet huge requirement of Bitumen and Bituminous products PAN INDIA, our Company has acquired Huge bulk storage facility / tank farm near jetty in Karwar from Karwar Administration . With its commissioning, we expect to have locational benefits resulting in cost cutting and thus enhancing our bottom line.

Bulk Bitumen Transportation

We are one of the oldest Bitumen Transporters which is mainly used in road construction. It can be procured either in bulk or in packed form. In either case the product has to be transported from the dispatch unit to the work site or to the industrial consumers. The bulk bitumen transportation is done with specially designed tankers that are insulated and with pumping facility for loading and unloading of bitumen. Most of our Bitumen tankers are under contract with major oil companies like HPCL, BPCL and IOCL.

Bulk LPG Transportation

We are one of the leading LPG Transporters which is the most common fuel for domestic as well as industrial consumption. Our Company is having its own large fleet of tankers. Apart from its own tankers ,we also takes tankers on long term contract basis to cater to demand. It is mainly available through refineries and it is also imported in bulk through ships. The bulk LPG is mainly transported from the source to the industrial user or to the LPG Bottling Plants through specially designed Bulk LPG tankers. LPG being highly explosive in nature requires specially designed tankers that take care of safety while loading, transporting and unloading LPG from tankers. Most of the LPG tankers are under contract with major oil companies like HPCL, BPCL and IOCL.

For smooth operations and proper maintenance of the vehicles, our Company has its own workshop and maintenance facilities at strategic locations like Mumbai, Baroda and Jodhpur. Apart from the major branches referred above, our Company also has operational offices at places where major loading and unloading activities take place.

Authorized Service Centre of Ashok Leyland

Since our Company is having its own large fleet of tankers , these requires periodic quality maintenance. All entire fleet of our Company is of Ashok Leyland and it is viable for our Company to have its own service center to cater the need of own vehicles. Considering this, the authorized service center of Ashok Leyland was established on NH-3.

Wind Mills

Considering the likely shortage of energy resources in the future, our Company has diversified its business attention towards Non-Conventional energy sources and has installed windmills at Rajasthan and Maharashtra.