Bitukote is a dispersion of selected grades of bitumen in water with inert and fibrous fillers. In original form, it is dark brown in color and on the application as it sets, it turns black. Once it sets, it remains plastic and is able to accommodate movements of pipes or vessels whose thermal insulation it protects.

Bitukote when applied over thermal insulation, protects it and keeps the moisture away and maintains their thermal efficiency. It gives joint-less coating and the coating is impervious to moisture. It possesses plastic qualities and can withstand vibration, temperature fluctuations, and accidental shocks.


  • Waterproofing of buildings, particularly vertical surfaces where color(black) overrides the importance of protection against seepage during rainy season
  • Protection of insulated surfaces, both for hot and cold pipes, reaction vessels, boilers etc.
  • Protection of buried steel pipes and structures and as well as concrete foundations, leaky walls and roofs having numerous cracks for instant sealing in adverse weather conditions
  • Anti-corrosive protection of steel, particularly suited for coaches, automobiles, subject to intensive vibration.