A general purpose anti-corrosive paint which is ideally suited for protection of all types of steel structure effectively against corrosion. This paint is non-toxic and has no chemical reaction to water. hence it can be used for painting the inside of drinking water tanks. Bituminous black has paint-like consistency. It can be easily and quickly applied by brush or spray and dries rapidly with glossy black finish. The resultant film is tough and elastic coating. Providing safest most efficient and strongly adhered protection against corrosion.


  • Protecting the internal surface of freshwater tanks, pipes and fluid containers
  • Protecting apparatus, equipment and machinery which are likely to be affected by acid fumes, alkali and water vapour
  • Coating of steel and concrete water tanks both internally and externally
  • Coating of woodwork which is likely to be affected by water and humidity
  • Coating of steel drums