Cable jointing boxes and busbars are to be filled with a suitable insulating material. Bitumen base filling compounds are ideal materials for cable jointing boxes, filling, impregnating and manufacture of insulating tapes.

The compound has the highest degree of electrical insulation. When heated it can be poured and once it cools, it forms a hard mass. The compound has low water vapors permeability, it is insoluble in water and subsoil chemicals. hence it gives a high performance for electrical application as it offers resistance to weathering and to chemical reactions. The compound remains stable and it neither froths nor emits excessive fumes when heated to a temperature of 80degreeC above the softening point. Where ever the compound is used, the life is prolonged of metals like copper, brass, iron, lead or aluminum, zinc, galvanized steel and their alloys because of the protective nature of the compound.


  • As insulator for filing cable jointing boxes of both electricity and telecommunication, even if they are operating at high temperatures
  • As a protector of moisture, water, and other environmental chemicals so as to avoid failure in the system and hazards to human life
  • As impregnating material for the manufacture of insulation tapes.