Construction of concrete roads, runways, floor and roof slabs of buildings, involves the casting of concrete in slab form. This leads to construction joints. Bituminous expansion joint boards is a low density fiber board impregnated with bituminous solutions which are light and rot proof.

Provision of these boards in the joints permits free movement of the concrete slabs by contracting when the slabs expand and expanding when the slabs contract, this prevents damage to the slabs besides waterproofing and resisting entry of foreign matter into the joints.


  • It preserves the life and evenness of the slab
  • It prevents seepage of surface water through the joints and also prevents ingress of water or dirt down the joints
  • Permits free movement of the concrete slab
  • Absorb ground shocks, caused by vibration and relaxes the stress of the concrete slabs
  • Relieves stresses developed due to temperature shrinkage, creep, relaxation, vibration etc.