A 'Ready to use' waterproofing compound formulated out of special grade of oxidized bitumen, carefully blended and compounded with fibrous and inert mineral fillers and volatile solvents to keep it plastic.

It remains plastic for a considerable length of time. Although the skin and eventually the interior hardens to some extent after application, a little further change takes place after a certain plastic limit is reached. It is therefore ideal under conditions where a degree of expansion, contraction and vibration is expected.

Bituplast can be applied even by nskilled labour after a little practise. It does not cree or flow when applied on a vertical or sloping surface. it adheres firmly to most surfaces. it is ideal for sealing of cracks, crevices on the roofing decks, walls , window skills and virtually all nooks and corners where accessibility of other standard methods are generally difficult.


  • Stopping leaks and water proofing of porous masonry and cracked concrete
  • It serves as a caulking agent for crevices for virtual joints between steel plates, folded sections, wooden joints, precast concrete, cladding, block etc.
  • Waterproofing and caulking in railway coaches
  • Protection of buried structures or vessels, such as underground steel tanks , poles
  • Protection of cooling towers and other installations where they require protection from water.