Byproducts Waterproof Materials

Byproducts Waterproof Materials

Agarwal group manufactures its own bitumen based products which can be used in water proofing materials and byproducts.

The products include:


Bitubond is manufactured from selected grades of bitumen with mineral oils. it is of semi-liquid, creamy consistency and supplied in ready to use containers.

As cold applied bitumen binder in p[lace of hot bitumen for sticking of bitufelt on metals, timber, tiles, asbestos, concrete and masonry surfaces

Waterproofing the roofs of buses, tramcars and railway carriages

As a mop coat over the existing waterproofing treatment, this will longivate the life of bitufelt.


A ‘Ready to use’ waterproofing compound formulated out of the special grade of oxidized bitumen, carefully blended and compounded with fibrous and inert mineral fillers and volatile solvents to keep it plastic.

It remains plastic for a considerable length of time. Although the skin and eventually the interior hardens to some extent after application, a little further change takes place after a certain elastic limit is reached. It is therefore ideal under conditions where a degree of expansion, contraction, and vibration is expected.

Bituplast can be applied even by unskilled labor after a little practice. It does not create or flow when applied on a vertical or sloping surface. it adheres firmly to most surfaces. it is ideal for sealing of cracks, crevices on the roofing decks, walls, window skills and virtually all nooks and corners where accessibility of other standard methods are generally difficult.

Stopping leaks and waterproofing of porous masonry and cracked concrete

It serves as a caulking agent for crevices for virtual joints between steel plates, folded sections, wooden joints, precast concrete, cladding, block etc.

Waterproofing and caulking in railway coaches

Protection of buried structures or vessels, such as underground steel tanks, poles

Protection of cooling towers and other installations where they require protection from water.


A general purpose anti-corrosive paint which is ideally suited for protection of all types of steel structure effectively against corrosion. This paint is non-toxic and has no chemical reaction to water. hence it can be used for painting the inside of drinking water tanks. Bituminous black has paint-like consistency. It can be easily and quickly applied by brush or spray and dries rapidly with glossy black finish. The resultant film is tough and elastic coating. Providing safest most efficient and strongly adhered protection against corrosion.

Protecting the internal surface of freshwater tanks, pipes and fluid containers

Protecting apparatus, equipment and machinery which are likely to be affected by acid fumes, alkali and water vapour

Coating of steel and concrete water tanks both internally and externally

Coating of woodwork which is likely to be affected by water and humidity

Coating of steel drums


Bitukote is a dispersion of selected grades of bitumen in water with inert and fibrous fillers. In original form, it is dark brown in color and on the application as it sets, it turns black. Once it sets, it remains plastic and is able to accommodate movements of pipes or vessels whose thermal insulation it protects.

Bitukote when applied over thermal insulation, protects it and keeps the moisture away and maintains their thermal efficiency. It gives joint-less coating and the coating is impervious to moisture. It possesses plastic qualities and can withstand vibration, temperature fluctuations, and accidental shocks.

Waterproofing of buildings, particularly vertical surfaces where color(black) overrides the importance of protection against seepage during rainy season

Protection of insulated surfaces, both for hot and cold pipes, reaction vessels, boilers etc.

Protection of buried steel pipes and structures and as well as concrete foundations, leaky walls and roofs having numerous cracks for instant sealing in adverse weather conditions

Anti-corrosive protection of steel, particularly suited for coaches, automobiles, subject to intensive vibration.


Before application of bitumen, bituminous coatings or bituminous compounds to any concrete, masonry, wooden or metal surface, a coat of liquid bituminous primer of low viscosity, which penetrates into the surface is a must.

Bituprimer, manufactured in conform to IS:3384, because of its low vapor contents, easy application, quick drying time, better bonding and low viscosity is an answer to all bituminouspriming needs.

Application of bitumen to concrete and masonry surfaces, while undertaking damp-proofing and waterproofing jobs

Sealing of concrete slab expansion joints

It is used prior to membrane application on concrete/metal surface in order to get perfect bonding of two different types of materials.


Cable jointing boxes and busbars are to be filled with a suitable insulating material. Bitumen base filling compounds are ideal materials for cable jointing boxes, filling, impregnating and manufacture of insulating tapes.

The compound has the highest degree of electrical insulation. When heated it can be poured and once it cools, it forms a hard mass. The compound has low water vapors permeability, it is insoluble in water and subsoil chemicals. hence it gives a high performance for electrical application as it offers resistance to weathering and to chemical reactions. The compound remains stable and it neither froths nor emits excessive fumes when heated to a temperature of 80degreeC above the softening point. Where ever the compound is used, the life is prolonged of metals like copper, brass, iron, lead or aluminum, zinc, galvanized steel and their alloys because of the protective nature of the compound.

As insulator for filing cable jointing boxes of both electricity and telecommunication, even if they are operating at high temperatures

As a protector of moisture, water, and other environmental chemicals so as to avoid failure in the system and hazards to human life

As impregnating material for the manufacture of insulation tapes.


Self-finished bituminous felt made from a carefully selected tough grade of saturated hessian and impregnated with a weather resistant bituminous material. The coating makes the felt rot proof and suitable to use on any surface to render it fully waterproofed. The surface of the felt is dusted with Mica flakes of the right specification to ensure non-sticking and longevity during storage. The felt is wound on cores to facilitate handling. The entire manufacturing process is controlled by strict quality control standards at each stage to ensure that the jute based product is rot proof, fire resistant.

It is ideally suited for all general waterproofing purpose like roofs of factories, residence, warehouses, commercial offices, shopping complexes, cinema house etc.

Suitable for all types of roofs – concrete, asbestos, cement sheets, corrugated iron sheets, wooden decking, false ceiling tops, under Mangalore tiles, etc. virtually on all firm surfaces.