Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

CRMB is a blend of selected grades of Bitumen and modifier. The rubber modifier used, balances the required visco-elastic balance of the bitumen binder, which improves the resistance to thermal and low temperature cracking. CRMB has good adhesion to different types of aggregates which therefore reduce cracking, deformation etc.

CRMB meets the specification of IS:15462 of 2004

Advantages of using CRMB:

Cost Effective
Improves resistance to cracking, resulting in stronger and more durable overlays for corridors in the areas of extreme climatic conditions and heavy traffic loads
REduces deformation on road at elevated temperature

achieves more viscosity and elastic recovery as compared to conventional bitumen

Better adhesive property

Higher stability and flexibility

Application of CRMB:

Construction, maintenance, and renewal of roads with heavy traffic

Runways and pavements of airports

Surfacing at flyovers, junctions etc.