We Care


AICL is committed towards making the future ‘renewable’. Our raw materials are tested and our products are certified. Environmental pollution being a major concern in today’s times, AICL with its efficient R&D has made a great choice of formulating its products and processes suiting the wellness of the environment. We have been constantly trying to mitigate carbon footprint and reduce micro-pollutants from the atmosphere.


Our products and systems are certified & evaluated by regulatory bodies worldwide. We meticulously plan every step of our projects, choose the right materials and consider all possible variables in the design process to bring out the best quality.


Safety is always a priority. We train, educate and make our employees follow safety practices. Special safety equipment is included in the standard provision to safeguard team members. We strive to maintain a secure workspace for everybody in the company. We will continue to invest in technology and research that will ensure our commitment to safety.


Empowering and transforming lives in rural India is what AICL has endeavored to. And we aim to trigger some long-term goals in the immediate future by intensify activities to enhance the quality of life of as many households as we can. Also create job opportunities for individuals deprived of scope and choices and come up with solutions to link youth to skills and enterprises.